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Parents Night Out

Register students one at a time. When you finish filling this form out you will be redirected to our payment screen, where your payment will be processed securely. If you have multiple children registering, after completing payment for one submission, refresh the form and enter in another submission for each child.

Must be different than parent/guardian listed above

Event participants are representatives of the Congregation Agudas Achim community and as such, are expected to act with respect, consideration, and integrity in all their interactions with each other and leaders. It is important for students to exhibit appropriate behavior and participate in all of the required activities. Students should strive to be enthusiastic, willing to try new things, and fair-minded in their interactions. They must be sure to make an effort to connect with other students in the group, regardless of previous relationships or judgment. Participants must remain in specified locations throughout the event and are not permitted to leave the building unattended. Participants are expected to follow the rules of the JCC campus, and any additional rules set forth by the adult staff and supervisors.
Rules for Youth Group Programs:
1. Follow and listen to all directions from adult staff and supervisors the first time they are given.
2. Do not damage any property on this campus. Only use and handle items for their intended purpose. This is a religious space and needs to be treated as such.
3. Refrain from the use of foul language and inappropriate touching at any time during these events.

Refusal to follow the rules above will result in these consequences:
1.  Verbal Warning from Chaperone.
2.  Private conversation with Director of Education, Adra Lustig, and a cool down period.
3.  Removal from the event. Parents will be called and need to pick up their child immediately. 
**If the behavior is extreme, or threatens the safety and security to the participant or others, we reserve the right to move directly to Consequence 3.**
Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781