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M’chirat Chametz 5783 (Selling of Chametz)

M’chirat Chametz Form

In our preparation for Passover, the sale of chametz is a halachic requirement.  It is conducted between a representative of the community (the synagogue) and someone not Jewish.  The representative of Congregation Agudas Achim is Rabbi Neil Blumofe. If you would like Rabbi Blumofe to sell your chametz, please fill out the form below.  This action accomplishes the sale of your chametz.   After Passover, the chametz is repurchased. Please be sure to sell your chametz no later than 10:00 am on Wednesday, 5 April, 2023.

By typing my name below, I do hereby authorize Rabbi Neil Blumofe as agent for Congregation Agudas Achim, Austin, TX, to act on my behalf to sell, transfer and assign all chametz of whatever kind and wherever situated in my residence or my business or any other place without reservation or limitation.  Rabbi Blumofe may appoint other agents duly qualified without exception, to act on his behalf.  All the aforesaid chametz is to be sold to one not in the Jewish community, who is to have free access to the chametz acquired by him or her.  Said chametz is located at the address listed above.

I further state that the chametz identified by the agreement will be stored away and not used by me during the period commencing no later than 10:00 am on Wednesday, 5 April, 2023 and ending no earlier than 8:43 pm on Thursday, April, 13 April, 2023.

Maot Chittim Donation Form

The Maot Chittim Fund provides help for Jews in the local, national and international community who need financial assistance to observe the Passover Festival.  Your donation to the Maot Chittim Fund will assist individuals and families who are in need, purchase food for their s’darim and during the period of observance.  Your donation is a mitzvah and is very much appreciated.

Fri, December 1 2023 18 Kislev 5784