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Hebrew Through Torah

Hebrew through Torah

Hebrew Through Torah Prep Class: This class is for those who want to take Hebrew Through Torah in the Fall semester and need to master the Hebrew aleph-bet and vowel points. Students will be introduced to both consonants and vowels, get practice sounding out Hebrew syllables and words, and learn mnemonic devices to help retain the material. 

Hebrew Through Torah: Are you able to sound out Hebrew words but wish you knew what you were saying? Join us for an informal, organic introduction to the Hebrew language using verses from the weekly Parsha and snippets of the siddur as study texts. We’ll explore how words that look and sound very different are actually related. We’ll build upon the knowledge of Hebrew you already have, whether you know it or not! Expect the instructor to interject fun and surprising facts about language in general and about Hebrew’s interconnections with Arabic, Yiddish, English, Spanish, and more. 

Instructor:   Gail Tosto
Time: Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00pm
Wednesday & Friday Prep Class Dates:  Sept 23, Sept 25, Sept 30, Oct 2
Class Dates:   October 7-December 16th; no class November 25
Fee: No charge. Optional donation appreciated.

Though these classes do not have a tuition, donations are always appreciated to help cover costs. If you would like to make a donation towards our Adult Education Fund, please use the field below. 
Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781